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How learning a new language benefits your career

Are you still deciding if you should learn a new language or not? Or maybe you are still deciding if you should improve a language you were learning? You might be asking yourself “will it really benefit my career?”. In this blog we will be exploring four career benefits of why learning a new language does benefit your career.

In today’s globalized world the demand for multilingual people is increasing. Companies are looking for someone who can help them bridge the communication between different markets and cultures. Making it very obvious that learning a new language can benefit your career opportunities. With today’s many resources, learning a new language is easier than it was in the past. There are many opportunities available for language learning, with some offering flexibility and convenience for your busy lifestyle. Here are some reasons why you should finally book a class for those French, Spanish, or English lessons who were putting off. 

  1. Your chances of getting a new job may double. 

Learning a new language doubles your chances of getting a new job by placing you on top of monolingual candidates during an interview. This is because many companies have affairs in other countries and prefer hiring employees who can communicate with their clients in their respective language. That is why an increasing number of companies are requiring employees who are bilingual or multilingual. 

  1. A new language skill increases your salary by 10-15%

As stated by a recruitment agency, employees who learn a new foreign language can increase their salary by 10-15%. Learning a foreign language gives you an edge in your work. It makes you more valuable for a company as you are opening new opportunities to them with your skill.

  1. Give you a chance to build an international network.

Aside from the benefits learning a foreign language gives your career, it also gives you a chance to build new relationships. Furthermore, you will not only understand words in a foreign tongue but, you will also be able to understand the culture that comes with it. Learning a new language opens a new door for you to meet new people and understand their culture. 

  1. Extends your possibilities of working wherever you want.

When you learn a foreign language you give into the possibility of your employer choosing you for that dream position in Barcelona. You see if you can learn to communicate with clients in their native tongue your chances of being relocated to your company’s overseas branch increases, giving you a chance to travel and explore new cultures. 

All the benefits we have just listed and many others such as improving your memory, your creativity, and your decision-making skills are reasons why you should definitely start learning a new language to benefit your career. So why not book a class now?