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Why Choose In-person 1-1 Tutoring?

Updated: May 5

Growing up we all had struggles understanding certain subjects, paying attention to teachers, or maybe just stop talking to our classmates about the weekend.

We all had our share experience on this, however, we were lucky enough to have tutors that help us strengthen our comprehension, improve our confidence, and gave us the individualized attention we required to succeed.

At TUTEEMI we would like to share with you some of the benefits of in-person one-on-one tutoring has and the extras that only us deliver to our students.

Less distractions

Tutors give one-on-one attention to you at all times, providing an environment free of distractions and disruptions so you can focus on learning.

Tailor Lessons

You will receive customized lessons and activities that create a unique learning experience. As each student learns in different ways, tutors adjust all material to help you retain as much and as fast as possible.

Working on your strengths and weaknesses

In-person one-on-one tutors can easily pinpoint your strengths and work on your weaknesses to make sure your performance improves.

Improve confidence

Your confidence and self-esteem will increase through resources and activities that encourage independence and better communication.

Help overcome learning obstacles

Tutoring will help you feel comfortable asking questions without feeling self-conscious. In-person one-on-one dynamic allows students to be more receptive to target all sort of learning problems.

Schedule Flexibility

Between all your activities and responsibilities, we understand that your time is really important. Finding time for some tutoring help can be hard, that’s why at TUTEEMI we focus on fitting your schedule.

Convenience and Comfort

Your allow to choose the place where you feel more comfortable, empowered and your learning will not be interrupted. The tutor will go to you not the other way around, eliminating any commute that could add stress and reduce your learning time.

Based on our experience, at TUTEEMI we have decided to still go one step forward and bring our one-to-one tutees two key factors that benefit your learning:


TUTEEMI focus on finding the perfect fit of tutor to create a comfortable, and enjoyable environment. Having gained the skills, together with a great environment is key for you to thrive. Just think about it this way, remember that song in another language that you remember each word; well exactly! You were having so much fun that you learned new words and retain more information.

More than just a tutor

We focus on building a bridge between locals and foreigners. TUTEEMI believes in developing long-lasting relationships that give you first-hand experience to other cultures and benefit your learning. As a tutee, you would be able to have a more enriched education process by building a strong relationship with your tutor.